Circle of Democracy

Democrates speaks! Interviewed by Diana Jewell, for the Monday Brown Bagger program of 2009/08/31.

Democrates is the author of “Manifesto of REAL Democracy: The Guide to Liberty, Equality—and Survival.” This potentially transformative book explains how the principles of the original Athenian democracy have been subverted by the Demockracy Fraud of modern republican governments and how, by establishing Circles of Democracy, we can recover the original democratic idea and begin once again to govern ourselves.

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This book is available in Vancouver BC from:
- People's Co-op Bookstore (604-253-6442 or toll-free 1-888-511-5556 )
- Duthie Books (604-732-5344)
- Sophia Bookstore (604-684-0484)

To read the introduction, "The Vision of REAL Democracy", and to find a list of independent bookstores in Canada and the USA that have the Manifesto, go to:

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William said...

Best book I've ever read! This humble book gives all us consumer-slaves the keys to our own freedom