The Power behind the Power of the Throne

A deeper look at Canada's present political farce, revealing that the monarchy serves as a front for rule by the oligarchy, exerted via their control of the Liberal-Conservative duopoly; featuring audio clips on this subject by Jon Stewart, and Alex Jones interviews with Webster Tarpley and Connie Fogal, plus our analysis entitled "The Empire Strikes Back, Canadian Style".

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2008/12/01 Surreality News Update, topic 3: Financial Meltdown

The incredible magnitude of the US and global financial crisis.
Commentary featuring audio clips from web radio interviews of Naomi Klein with Amy Goodman on DemocracyNow, describing the bailout boondoggle as a multi-trillion dollar crime; and Webster Tarpley with Jeff Rense, discussing the collapse of Citibank, the breadth and depth of the economic crises, and the desperate need for a 21st century 'New Deal' and radical regulatory changes.

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2008/12/01 Surreality News Update, topic 2: Terror in Mumbai

The Mumbai terrorist attack.
Could this be another case of 'false-flag' terrorism? Audio clip of analysis by Mike Rivero, from his GCN web radio program "What Really Happened". Also, audio clips of ominous warnings by Joe Biden, Madeline Albright and Colin Powell, of some serious crisis that will soon test President Obama.

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2008/12/01 Surreality News Update, topic 1: Canadian Politics

Canada's Parliamentary Crisis.
The political machinations of PM Harper's minority government, and the opposition united to defeat it. Commentary with audio clips from CTV news broadcasts.

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