Imperialism, the essence of 9/11

9/11 viewed through the lens of Imperialism; originally broadcast on 2006/09/18.
As previously identified by numerous American geopolitical planners, their Imperialism needed a 9/11 as pretext for its unending 'War on Terrorism'.
While the horror of the spectacular terrorism of 9/11 is exploited to instill an unwarranted climate of fear and manipulate public opinion, the public is kept entirely unaware of the pernicious motive forces underlying Imperialism.

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"Towers of Deception", Barrie Zwicker

Author Barrie Zwicker interviewed by Diana Jewell, on his book "Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11"; originally broadcast 2006/08/28.
An objective critique of the events of 9/11; the historical regularity of 'false-flag' operations, the official white-wash propagated through the corporate media, the key role of complicity in the coverup by esteemed gatekeepers of the left, and the public distrust and difficulty in discerning the truth.

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Obama-mania: the power of the Story and the power of Ideas

Review of the US 2008 election, examining how and why Obama-mania won over most Americans and the vast majority of citizens of the world. Obama promised only "change", without specifics, and was widely perceived as a 'messiah'. Beyond his exceptional intelligence, charisma, inter-racial appeal and fervent following, his annointment as 'chosen one' by Big Money was probably based on his image providing the most powerful facelift for the continuation of American imperialism, and the 'left cover' for imposition of draconian austerity measures required by the unprecedented American and global financial crises.

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