G20, to A New World Order

In response to the global economic collapse, the G20 leaders met on
Apr.2 in London. This produced the foundation for global financial
regulation, and a significant step towards a New World Order.
This program features audio clips from broadcast or web media:
Prof. Wm Black interviewed by Bill Moyers, explaining the pervasive
fraud behind the American 'subprime' mortgage debacle; PM Gordon Brown
discussing G20 issues and the need for a New World Order; Alex Jones
commentary on G20, including clip of Dick Morris with Sean Hannity of
Fox news; Peter Schiff explaining why the US will ultimately default
on its foreign debt.

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Jas Khepar said...

Thanks guys for such entertaining TRUTH.
Unfortunately the New World Order is just around the corner because the rats are so busy racing they don't even know about the OLD World Order!! He! He!

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